Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Girls Night Out Part One

After Tak's astounding transformation and trying to give him- uh, her some female advice on what not to wear, I decided to drag Tak out for a night on the town. Jedi Girl Style. Ok, don't freak out. I fended off all the men. Tak didn't wake up with some nerf header in a seedy hotel in the lower levels of the city.

I made my way to his quarters, which had about 24 clone troopers crowding the hallway. I could hear the whispers about the hot female trooper and things I won't even repeat. Then I heard them about myself. I think my hinny got slapped at least 9 times down that hallway.

Halfway down it, I froze. Charging down the other end was Darth Vader in all his tall, asthmatic glory. I stood out like a sore thumb. A Jedi with red hair in the middle of a swarm of deprived clone troopers... yeah I stood out.

He stops and stares at me, crossing his arms. 24 white helmet heads look at me and then at Darth. I put my arm behind me and try to look innocent. (I'm good at that.) too bad Jedi mind tricks don't work on a Sith. I wanted to disappear in to the wall.

"All of you to your stations NOW!" he barked and they scattered like mice. Being scared to death of Darth didn't stop them from slapping my hinny some more as they trampled by. When the hall was clear he stepped closer, too close for me. I thought, here we go again with the Scary Sith thing again.

"I'm waiting," Darth said.

"I don't have it," I answered.

"Yes, you do."

"I don't. I forgot it," I said.

His foot started to tap on the floor. I sighed. "All right all ready! Here!" I handed him the infamous Mr. Snuggles teddy picture negative. "Happy now? Well, you stop sending me holos telling me you're going to pop my head off?"

"No," he answered, snatching the holo and spinning his heel. He started to round the corner and he paused, looking back at me. "You look very pretty today." And then he was gone.

I did a double take. What he say? *shiver* By the Force, someone tell me I heard wrong! ECK! Double ECK!

Now I really need a drink at this point so I knock on Tak door. I wanted to get him- her and get the heck off this ship. Far, far, away. (Aren't I 'Pun'ny'?)

A very sweet voice tells me to enter and I do.

"What are you doing?" I cried.

"Giving my midriff a fake tattoo. See?" Tak answers, turning around.

By the Force, Tak is a red head! Earlier it was dark brown. The hair and the cleverly placed tattoo was surprising. My mouth fell open.

"What?" She patted her hair. "You don't like?"

I nodded. "I like it, just wasn't expecting it, that's all." I looked over her outfit. "I thought you weren't going to wear that."

"I changed my mind. Girls do that don't they?"

*sigh* Yeah we do that.

After 45 minutes of girly stuff, I got Tak out the door and down to my shuttle but not before a few of the guys stopped us a picture.

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Tak took to being a chick really fast. Too fast if you ask me.

Part Two coming soon.
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I'm so glad Father was eliminated before that challenge. More Trauma I don't need .
  At 5:48 AM Blogger Not_a_Jedi said:
mwahahahahahaha this show is the best!!!!!
Why Tak, you do look lovely today.
I am SO confused!
  At 1:06 PM Blogger Skywalker said:
Not another redhead!
Yeah, I thought the red hair would brign my eyes out better, I had tried blond and brown earlier in the day. It was great to have all that attention when I was getting the tattoo .... Opps I was using my inside voice on the outside again wasn't I?

What I meant to say was, this is an outrage. I don't even like being a women, Uhh Cuz I am a burly tough manly fighting machine.
Don't worry, Tak, the week is almost over. But I wonder: what will you do when you are a man again?
I know what he is going to do, he told me! Muwaaahhhhaaahaaa!
Nepharia: I'll be looking for Selena. need to work off some of this tension.
  At 12:22 AM Blogger Skywalker said:
She might not want to hook up, Earl, seeing how you were chick for a while. *snerk*