Monday, July 30, 2007

100th Post!

I made it! Whoooohooo! I had no ideas for this post. None. Then it came to me. PICTUES! A few you will remember, some you have never seen. Those might be get me in trouble… but oh well! Let the fun begin!

I took this years ago. Anakin was such a kidder then. Well he still is but he worse back then.

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Gar Gar showing some love! HA!

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AWEEEE Vaderkins and Mr. Snuggles (He is going to kill me again for this one. He thinks he has all the copies.)

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A poster for the Shaven Wookie Salon. Anakin was very upset about this. He was wasted and almost lost all his hair when he went in there.

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Ankain playing with himself- I mean his action figure! Opps, that sounded bad!

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Toga Toga!

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And my fave to this day! Rap on Skywalker, rap on!

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Thank you everyone for reading and keeping me going! I do this madness for you! *rasies glass* Here's to a 100 more!

I made these pics so please don’t take and repost without my permission.
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Thursday, July 19, 2007

The Device

I watched little Ani while he worked for hours. It made me miss my time and my Anakin, who I have watched do the same thing, work for hours with determination over the years. I’m going to throttle my time’s Anakin. He has no idea what he becomes, what he will do.

He finally jumped up with a huge smile. “I did it!” He handed me the Nav and the comm all wired together. “Looks like a mess but I think it works!”

I reached down and hugged him. “If you made it, it will work.”

I took the rigged thing-a-bob from Anakin and stared it. It was a mess but had to work. I just hope Vader is looking for me, that he knew I was in trouble. Not that I want him around, mind you, but a little help- he owes me that. Still he is going to grumpy, our parting wasn’t the nicest, and I did steal his ship and crash it. But what did he expect? “Oh, so you’re Anakin and a Sith, you kill everyone, here let me kiss and hug you bye!”

You know, now that I think of it Vader would expect that.

I realized I never found out why Vader the full reason behind why he turned to the dark side in the first place. I flipped out and left before I thought of it. I could hear my master’s voice in my head telling me how foolish that was. Well, I guess if he shows up, I’ll just have ask. After I kick his helmet in again.

Little Ani handed me a small pack. “Keep in here and keep it with you. Maybe now your friend can come help you.”

Suddenly I felt really sad looking at his happy face. If he only knew… I hugged him.

“Ewwww!” he cried, wiggling. “Girl germs!”

I laughed and let him go. Then something crossed my mind. If I told Shmi about her death, it would only scare her, and things could become worse for us all. Anakin was the one who was filled with grief over not saving his mother. Instead of telling her, maybe if I hinted something to little Ani… maybe I could implant something in his mind he would only remember in time to save his mother later on.

I did realize that when I left here, I was going to have to try to make him forget me. Keyword: try.

“Let’s go for a walk. That should work better outside,” Ani said.

I followed him, carrying the little pack. The suns were coming up and it was all ready starting to get hot.

At least I was going to have a great tan by the time I left.
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Monday, July 09, 2007

An idea

Thanks to everyone who voted for me on LGS2! Thanks to all of you I won! You guys rock so hard!

I was trying to rest on the small sofa in Anakin tiny home. In my hand was the holodisk of Anakin’s deceit. I turned over in my fingers, staring it.

“BOO!” a voice whispered next to my head. I jumped and came up. Ani laughed. “I’ve been working on my sneaking. I so got you!”

“Not funny. I could have taken off your head.”

“Nah! I would have ducked.” He jumped on the sofa by my feet. “What is that?” he asked, pointing the disk.

I quickly put it away. “A way to stop a bad situation, I hope.”

“If you get home, right? Where is home?”


“And you need a special ship get there? You can hop any ship and get there.”

“I can’t explain it, Ani. I really can’t.”

Ani looked at me fro a long, titled his head and says, “So what is the future like?”

My mouth dropped. “How do you know that?”

“Well, the ship you crashed in for one. I’ve never seen anything like it and I’ve seen a lot of ships. You knew my name, Jedi or not, and you looked and talked to my mother like you knew her. Or knew of her,” he said. “And you talk to me like you know me very well.”

I blinked. I had forgot how smart Anakin was as a youngling. He grinned hugely. I smiled back. This put a new light on things.

“What am I like in the future?” he asked. “Tell me, I’m cute.” I covered my mouth to hide the smile at his question. “Am I Jedi? Do I fly the stars? Tell me everything!”

“You are the best pilot in the galaxy. And yes,” I said, “you are very cute.” I skipped the Jedi part.

“Are we close?” he asked.

I sighed. “We were. I hope we still are.”

He looked confused. “How did you get here?”

“A wormhole.”

“Wizard!” He smiled. “Really wizard.”

I guess it was pretty wizard. We sat there for hours and he asked me questions. Some I answered, some I didn’t. I vaguely told him about Vader, not using names or details, only that was a ‘friend’ and could he help me if he could find me. If he didn’t kill me first but I left that part out, too.

Ani looked thoughtful, and then he jumped up. “I have an idea. Give me your comlink.”

I did and he ran off to his room. After a few minutes I followed.

Anakin tinkered with my comlink. He said if he could get a slightly higher power source, boost the frequency, attached it to the Nav computer, set it to send a signal of my location back to the coordinates where I had come through the wormhole, then maybe my ‘friend’ would get it and come. If it did work, maybe Vader would send a ship through the wormhole to me and I could finally get home.

It was a long shot but worth a try. If anyone could do it, Anakin could, don’t you think?
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Friday, July 06, 2007

Vote Time!

Go here to vote:

Last Gladiator Standing Two and vote for me!

and email to your vote to:

Tons of love and thanks in advance!

Help me kick it for the Jedi, babies!

The winner will be announced Sunday night.
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Sunday, July 01, 2007

Good News

I don’t know if most of my loyal readers know or not, you should, that I have been competing in Last Gladiator Standing Two. This is the last week, and your DJK is proud to announce she made into the top TWO!


I would like to thank all of you who voted for me the past two weeks, judges former players. I could kiss you all. You’ve made me a very happy little Jedi.

This week I need everyone’s help. For this last challenge, everyone who is anyone can vote for the winner. So if you read my blog, go HERE read this weeks challenge, and read my entry that will be up sometime during the week. (clicky! clicky!) On Saturday send your vote to this Cool Cat: Help me win!

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AWWWWWE! Anit he sweet? WAIT! This is Vader, right?

Edit: Post is up! Go read! *grin*
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