Thursday, December 28, 2006

Blasted Windows And More Questions

A few days ago I was I trying out my new saber in earnest. The color of the blades doesn’t bother me. Remember, I have a red one myself. You'll have to read back for that story. I'm not proficient with double blades but it takes practice. Especially seeing how most double blades don't work out so good with short Jedi. Vader's gift was the perfect size with shorter blades.

I was practicing when Vader stormed in. He didn't say anything. He didn't have too. The Force tells us things, well right about then it started screaming. I was just about to duck for cover when Vader stepped in front of me. He whipped his cape around, shielding us from the blast as the windows of the room I was in exploded five seconds later.

When the smoke cleared, I looked up at him. I took a step back and removed his arms from me. He saved my life. That surprised me. I half expected him to shove me closer to the blast or something, not shield me from it. Okay, not really.

Vader pointed a finder. "Not a word!" he snapped, and then swung around to the troopers running into the room. "Find out who is responsible for this and bring them to me. NOW!"

I peered out the broken windows as they left just as fast as they entered. "Was that aimed for you or me?"

"You. Get away from the windows," he barked.

I was stepping back when he grabbed my arm and started pulling out the room. Quickly, Vader rushed us down the hallway. I sensed over protectiveness coming form him. Odd coming from him, as you can imagine.

Odd enough to remind me of Anakin and make my feet lock in place.

Vader whipped around. "Move!"

The craftsmanship of the saber, the blond hair, the over protectiveness…

I stared at him, eyes wide. Nah! No blasted way!

Vader snapped his finger in my face. "What is a matter with you?"

"Just how well do I know in my time?" I said.

"Now isn't the time for this," Vader barked, jerking my arm.

"I'm not moving until you answer me."

With growl, Vader snatched me up and tossed me over his shoulder. That didn't help with my line of thinking. He was NOT the only person I know that has done that to me.

"Put me down, you Wookie!" I shouted.

"Shut up, woman."

"Oh, we’re back to that, are we?" I kicked my foot back, going for his head. I missed and he pinned my legs down.

We reached a dome shaped thing, something I have never seen before. Vader pressed a button and the top came up reviling an entryway. He dropped me roughly in the chair in the middle of it and pointed his finger in my face.

"Move from that chair and I'll pop your head."

That burned my buttons. I kicked him right in the shin. Which happened to be durasteel. Ouch!

Vader slammed his hands down on armrests. "Do I look like I'm playing around here?"

"I wouldn't know. I can't see your face, remember?"

With a snort he left, closing me in this egg looking thing! I up and out that chair, banging on the walls, yelling. All I got was sore hands and headache from the echo. What the frack was this place? There were a lot buttons and strange mechanical arms on the roof. The air in here felt different, too, cleaner, crisper.

I got nosy. He never tells me anything anyway.

I discovered this was a mediation chamber. From what I could tell by digging around in the computer console, Vader could take his helmet off in here and still be able to breathe. I also found out I was the planet of Vjun and his home was called Bast Castle. The ship we had been on was called the Executor.

My mind was reeling, my thoughts jumbled and what I read made me want to cry. It was an in detail description on how much of Vader wasn’t human anymore and read out of his 'accident' ten years ago.

I can't put down all the details. It makes my stomach curl at the thought of it. Makes sense why he not a happy guy, you know?

I couldn't hear a sound outside the chamber but when Vader came back and was standing outside, I could hear him breathing. He opened the door and with one look, knew I knew more than he intended me to find out.

Vader wanted me to stay here; did he think he could keep me fully in the dark? Not to mention my question from earlier still needed to be answered. I mean, the similarities between him and Anakin were adding up in my head. I know didn’t go in to detail on that before. It just doesn’t make sense. Anakin would never, ever, become a Sith.

Oh, Vader knew what I was thinking. I could tell.

"If I asked you to take off your helmet in here would you do it?" I asked.


"I want some answers."

"I'm sure you do," he replied.

"Will I get them?"

"In time."

Better than the usual no, or maybe. I bit my lip. My head was still going over what I had just read. It really made me feel bad for him, Sith or not.

"You can come out now," Vader said.

I walked passed him, pausing to look over my shoulder. "Does it hurt?" I asked, referring to the suit.

"Every damn second."

"I'm sorry," I whispered.

Vader placed his hand on my cheek and for the first time it didn't seem odd or crazy. "I don't deserve your compassion."

"But you want it or I wouldn't be here." I changed the subject, quickly. It was getting too serious. "Did you catch who blew out the windows?"

"No, but I will. Someone doesn't want you to here and I have idea who." His hand lifted to stop my question. "Later."
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Saturday, December 23, 2006

Merry Christmas!

This is DJK's Alter Ego. On be half of DJK, Gar-Gar, and myself I want to wish you a Merry Christmas and we hope you have a happy, safe hoilday.

Here are a few Star Wars hoilday pictures, I found to amuse you. Enjoy!

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Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
(Note from DJK: Vader made this snowman. Then he used his saber to chop off it's head! *rolls eyes* What a sense of humor!
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Monday, December 11, 2006

Vader's Pet

Last night I was sitting in Vader's grand sitting room watching the HoloNet. Future shows rock but that's beside the point. I sensed something watching me. It made the hairs on the back of my neck stand up.

All of a sudden something small wielding a tiny lightsaber leaps out at me! I went over the back the sofa with my saber ready to chop off its head!

I seen some crazy things but this tops it.

“VADER!” I shouted.

Hearing me scream, Vader rushes in and stares at me and the creature looking intently at each other.

“I see you've met my pet,” he said. “He doesn’t like Jedi.”

“I can tell!” I shouted. “He attacked me!”

Vader petted the small head. It lowered the saber but hissed at me.

“Even animals can turn Sith?” I asked, lowering my saber.

“Why not?”

“Because its NUTS!”

“His name is Lord Kittious,” Vader said.

I rolled my eyes. “Why doesn’t that surprise me?”

I snagged this picture off the security recordings:

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Behold! Lord Kittious, Dark Kitten of the Sith!

Hey! That saber looks like Anakin's!
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Wednesday, December 06, 2006

A Birthday Gift From Vader

Anywhoo, today is my birthday. Jedi don't celebrate birthdays or anything else for that matter. Well, Anakin does. He's just like that. Ever since I met him, even if you didn't know what day you were born on, if you were his friend, he did something nice for you. He did does it for Obi-Wan too.

*Sigh* So, I was a bit homesick all morning.

I forgot about when we arrived at Vader's home. Home is a small word. Fortress is a better word. Over compensating, I swear! Every thing he has is big. That sounded really bad, didn’t it?

We landed his transport on the planet's surface. I followed behind him as he exited and I know I looked minuscule. Compare seven feet to five/four and think on it. Bad of me, but I kick of how everyone gets the frack out his way he walks.

And don't be thinking I was looking at his backside. Just because I can see it really well doesn't mean I was looking at it. I don’t! Uh, well, once. Not bad actually, but I didn't say that.

The doors of his fortress come open and we march in. Wow. For a Sith, he has excellent taste! I guess he wasn't lying about being rich. I love the place. Well, everything but the Dark Side aura it has. Well, you can't have everything you want.

Naturally, Vader has a huge statue of himself right in the middle of the entrance hall. I had to crane my neck really far to see the top and I had to say something. I whipped around and opened my mouth.

"Don't even, woman."

I smiled and held out my arm mock surprise. "I wasn't going say anything!"

"Yes, you were," he snapped.

He walked by. I bit my lip, smiling. "Conceited," I muttered.

Vader turned around and tapped his foot. "I heard that."

"Heard what?"

He snorted and pointed to the statue. "I didn't have that made. Sidious did. It was gift. The one of himself is bigger."

"Can there be bigger ego than yours?" I asked.

"I am what I am, woman."

"Who, Popeye? I yam what yam?"

Vader grabbed my arm and pulled me off. We walked into a large room and he waved his hand to the stairs.

"Wait here," he muttered. "I have to make a comm."

"Tell Sidious I said, hi."

If I could've seen his eyes, they would have been rolling in his head. I can't help it. I love to annoy him and he was really annoyed right then. I giggled has he walked away.

Well, anyway, when Vader came back he didn't stop. He walked right passed me, tossed me a box, and kept going out another door. It was heavy and tied with a red ribbon. I just stared at it, until Vader came back in, looked at it as he was walking.

"Well, open it," he muttered, as he passed me, going out the door he left from to begin with.

I waited to make sure he wasn't going through again and opened it. My breath caught. It was a double bladed light saber, beautifully crafted with DJK engraved on the hilt. I hit the switches and two bright red blades came to life. Wowsers! I'm talking wizard!

I eyed the craftsmanship on it. The way it was made reminded me of something, or someone, I couldn't put my finger on. I pushed the though away as Vader once again entered the room and walked right on passed me again to the other door.

"Happy Birthday," Vader said before disappearing.

Was he really doing anything, I wondered, or was he just embarrassed? It was sweet of him. I was touched. But he could have stopped walking in and out like that.

I was ready the next time. In he came, looking over and passing by really fast.

"Hope you like it."

I pounced. I jumped in front of him, and I guess he didn't sense it, because he knocked me over before he could stop. With a OOOOF, I went right on my backside.

Vader looks down at me. "You’re faster than I remember," he muttered, holding out a hand to help me up.

I smiled and held up the saber. "I likey," I said. Vader growled and I went on. "Thank you. How did you know double bladed saber?" Vader growled again. I did what silly girls do in movies; I waved my hand in front of my face like I was going to cry. "You did something sweet."

One loud growl and he stormed passed me. I grabbed his arm. "All teasing aside, thank you."

Oh stars, I did it! I hugged the man. Can you picture that? Short me hugging all seven feet of him? Ack, I'm a neck hugger, too. I had to jump up.

Vader really didn't see that coming. Me either…

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