Monday, June 18, 2007

The Tour

We walked around for hours. Ani showed me everywhere, and the whole time I was roasting. This planet is so hot your skin feels like its going fall off your bones. I think I’ve lost 10 pounds.

As we walked, I whipped out my camera for a few pics. I caught some interesting things.

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Not sure what happened to the little green guy but I blame the Jawa.

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Such a goof ball!

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Now that’s a messed up Hutt! He did give me his lollipop tho.
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Thursday, June 07, 2007

Hanging Around

I really love Shmi. She was so kind to me and she didn’t even know me from a Whomp rat. The more I was around her the more I understood Anakin’s pain of death. I caught myself on more than one occasion in the next day or so almost telling her, warning her. Maybe if I saved her Anakin wouldn’t fall…

Okay, I have to stop that line of thinking. I can’t do that.

“Oh! You gota see this!” Ani shrieked while I was helping Shmi. He grabs my hand, drags me to his room and there on bench is C-3PO. “Isn’t he wizard?”

“Very,” I said. “Naked but wizard.”

“Well, he’s not done yet.”

“So I see."

“You know, you’re short for a girl,” Anakin popped off, eyeing me.

“You’re short for a boy.”

“Am not. I’m tall for a boy!”

“No you’re not, Tiny.”

“Who you calling Tiny, Shrimp?”

I propped my arm up on his head. “You, small stuff.”

He reached up and pitched my nose. “I don’t have to stretch to touch your nose!”

Ok, he had me there.

Shmi came in behind us. “Ani, stop that,” she said softly to him but she was smiling. “Why don’t you show Kriss around the spaceport? And keep wide of Watto’s shop, he sees you and he’ll put you to work.”

“You wanta?” Ani asked.

“Sure, love too,” I said and he pulled me to the door. But I gave one look back at Shmi’s smiling face before I went out the door.
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