Monday, July 30, 2007

100th Post!

I made it! Whoooohooo! I had no ideas for this post. None. Then it came to me. PICTUES! A few you will remember, some you have never seen. Those might be get me in trouble… but oh well! Let the fun begin!

I took this years ago. Anakin was such a kidder then. Well he still is but he worse back then.

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Gar Gar showing some love! HA!

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AWEEEE Vaderkins and Mr. Snuggles (He is going to kill me again for this one. He thinks he has all the copies.)

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A poster for the Shaven Wookie Salon. Anakin was very upset about this. He was wasted and almost lost all his hair when he went in there.

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Ankain playing with himself- I mean his action figure! Opps, that sounded bad!

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Toga Toga!

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And my fave to this day! Rap on Skywalker, rap on!

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Thank you everyone for reading and keeping me going! I do this madness for you! *rasies glass* Here's to a 100 more!

I made these pics so please don’t take and repost without my permission.
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  At 12:29 AM Blogger Phobia said:
Heya congrats on 100 here's to a 100 more and another 100 and another 100 and another 100 .....

*grins madly*
*raises glass* congrats on 100! and to echo Pho.. take it times 10
Congratulations. Only a dark Jedi.. or a very talented whelp8 glares at Pho8 could hang around this long. Keep rising in power and I might have something to worry about.. key word.. might
Take that picture down now, woman, or I'll pop your head!
  At 12:33 AM Blogger Skywalker said:
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  At 12:34 AM Blogger Skywalker said:
Why are most of these of me? Never mind. STALKER! LOL! Congrats, dork.
Congratulations on 100.

Isn't it a wonderful feeling?
oh wow 100! That is so super awesome Kriss! your the Supreme Best! I love all those pics... Great job on doing them.
Anakin playing with himself? That brings images to mind I'd rather not have...
Great pics, you certainly have an artists eye.

Congrats on 100.
Thanks guys!
  At 9:48 PM Blogger Blue Eyes said:
Congrats to you ;-)
  At 4:29 PM Blogger Tash199 said:
Great pics...congrats....hope you see you another 100 more :D
Congrats!!! What a hundred posts they have been...
Congratulations on your 100th post.
100 posts!! That is an awesome milestone. Bravo, DJK, bravo.
And you might want to make sure Mace has a towel handy. Garfield looks like he's up to no good.
Sometimes I miss my teddybot. Congratulations from all the Autobots on making 100.
  At 2:11 PM Blogger Jaina Solo said:
Hey! Congrats Kriss!
I love all your pictures!