Saturday, August 18, 2007

A Dark Alley

The wisest advice I can give a person is this: never go down a dark, sandy alleyway if you think you’re being followed. Did I follow my own advice? Nope. I let Anakin lead me down this ally because he knew his way around better than me.

I pulled my lightsabers off my belt, igniting the blades. Ani jumped when the red one flashed to life. “WHOA! WIZARD!”

“Don’t get any ideas. You like a blue blades,” I said, lifting the blue one.


“Never mind.”

I looked around. “See that crate there? Get in it. Now.”

“You got the sabers! Consider me a goner!” he jittered off, running for the box and jumping in.

Two figures appeared at the end of the ally, two more behind me. “This is really bad time to be messing with me, boys,” I told then, dropping into a fighting stance. “I’ve had a really bad last few months.”

One of them stepped forward, blaster raised. “Sorry to hear that but there is a bounty on you, girly. A nice big one.”

I glared. “By who?”

“Jaba the Hutt. He likes redheads and you fit that description. Of course, he wasn’t aware you are a Jedi,” the masked hunter eyes the red blade. “You are a Jedi, right?”

I smiled coldly. “Come find out.”

“You want the kid to get hurt in the crossfire?”

I twirled the sabers. “Trust me, he won’t. I was one of top ten in my class. Four behind Anakin Skywalker, but you don’t know him yet. “

Ani popped his head up. “Really? I’m that good?”

“Get down!” and his head disappeared again.

“Come on, babycheeks, don’t make us hurt you,” the bounty hunter said.

“I’ve spent weeks with a Sith Lord with a breathing problem, a bad attitude, and smell feet, you think you are going even get close to me?” I said, grinning. “I don’t think so.”

“You asked for it. Set’um for stun,” he said and started firing at me.
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Those stupid, scumbag.. * trails off into angry muttering* You realize I'll have to find them and toast them now? * smirks*
  At 11:16 PM Blogger Skywalker said:
Don't look at me. I can't be held acounable for what I did a youngling...

Can I?
  At 11:16 PM Blogger Phobia said:
I second that.. I'm sure they'd like to be fried bounty hunter kebaobs



  At 11:02 AM Anonymous Anonymous said:
sounds like you should conjure up some fog

I have a feeling someone is going to get hurt but it wont be you
Be careful, don't want to be messin up the timeline now! And don't give Little Ani a big head before his time...
Let's hope the next post doesn't turn out like the movies... For some reason, when the bad guys 'Set it to STUN!' the hero ALWAYS gets hit, but when it's on 'KILL' they never do... so confusing...
  At 10:07 AM Blogger Justice said:
never go into a place called crime ally too
  At 10:13 AM Blogger Shiara said:
stun huh move fast
Don't the stun blast shoot out wider or something? That's the only way I can figure out how anyone shooting to stun can't miss yet can't hit when the weapon's set to kill.
That Ani sounds like a real pain. Here on Earth we let people drop kids like that off at churchs, no questions asked. Just FYI.
  At 8:07 PM Blogger Tash199 said:
Whip their sorry asses Kriss!
I remember that timeline well, I was .... I was ..., crap I wasn't even on the drawing board yet. Dang!
  At 2:17 AM Blogger Lysandra said:
*snorts* when you see vader again, just kill him, seriously. he's nuts. Plus he got you into this mess...
If I remember correctly after you was sissy face Erifia, Barriss, then me.

How you four made top marks I'll never know.
Sorry to comment so late but I am tied up at the moment...

One place you don't want to go is Jaba's palace. Try to get out of there if you can with little Ani.
Yes, don't give Ani too many ideas about his abilities quite yet.
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