Friday, September 21, 2007

Nasty... Just Plain Nasty

Jaba spat globs of tobacco on the floor a lot. It’s gross. The first time he shot it over my head to the floor, I elbowed his gut. It made him burp beer bubbles. That was equally nasty.

I was laying his dais, with this uncomfortable outfit on, bored out of my mind. Suddenly a big glob of Hutt drool plopped on my head. I reached up and wiped it off.

“Hey! Stop that! Get a napkin!” I told him, elbowing his guts once again.

“Sorry, grily, can’t help it. It’s a Hutt thing.” He cracked open a beer. “Want one?”

“No thanks,” I muttered sourly, crossing my arms over my chest. “Let me see little Ani.”

Jaba took a long gulp and burped. “Nope. I sent him back to Watto. I don’t need kids around here.”

I jumped up, chains rattling. “You did what? When?”

“This mornin’. He anit my slave, girly. I just kept him long enough to make sure ya stayed with me a while.”

I glared. “You know, you have to sleep sometime.”

He wiggled his tongue at me and went ppppppffff! “I anit scared of no Jedee! That thang on your neck keeps you from using that mambo jumbo hocus pocus on me!”

“You really don’t know me very well. There are other ways of getting you, Hutt.”

He laughed. Ok, Vader, where the Hoth are you?

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I'm not amused by this outfit but I do look good in it.

Thanks to Xavier for this pic. He made it during Last Gladiator Standing 2 and gave it to me. Thanks, bro, you rock.
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Dang, I wish photobucket wasn't blocked!


Oh and, what's THIS mean... "I was laying his dais"

That sounds kinda naughty.

For you fluke.
  At 3:07 PM Blogger Skywalker said:
*covers eyes* I'm not looking.
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Ahem, if I may speak freely for a moment.

Hubba hubba!

Thank you.
May I suggest strangling him?
uh um wow intresting... Master Kriss, I love your hair!
  At 1:02 AM Blogger Phobia said:
I say just make the roof come down on his ugly as sith head.

*whispers a question in DJK's ear and tries to look innocent*
Godfrey! LOL! Yes, I got her one.
*tries to look like a digified Jedi master but fails miserably*
  At 1:08 AM Blogger Phobia said:
*looks around innocently* huh? what? *grins*
  At 5:46 PM Blogger TX said:
rip out his spine and terminate him
Do you want me to smuggle you some salt and slug pellets? That'll teach the slimey Hutt a thing or two...yuck...
  At 3:56 PM Blogger Little Ani said:
I am speechless.
I wonder how Adana would l...
Well, you'll never know, won't you?
Y'know, if I were chained to a tobbacco-spitting Hutt wearing nothing but a metal bikini... I think I'd accept that beer...
  At 9:53 PM Blogger Jawa Juice said:


um...I can rush over and rescue you anytime you want me to...or just put some suntan lotion on your shoulders or sumpthin'.
  At 4:39 PM Blogger Jaina Solo said:
WOW! You look darn fine!
Stuipd annoying pervy Hutts.
  At 8:57 AM Anonymous Anonymous said:
WOW nice outfit

you should wear it all the time

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