Wednesday, August 29, 2007


When the bounty hunters started firing in front and behind me, I had to work double time to deflect the shots. Both of my sabers looked like spinning circles of light. The flashing and buzzing can be distracting if your not focused. I really don’t hear the buzz anymore.

Little Ani was making squealing noises form his hiding place. I thought he was scared but he was actually cheering me on. When I Force pushed one of the hunters off his feet and to the sand, he started clapping.

I managed to take out two of four before they started closing in on me. I was more worried about Ani than myself. But we know how my luck goes.

I heard Anakin jump out of the crate. He grabbed a fallen blaster and start shooting wildly. I shouted at him to get back in the crate, he ignored me. Typical Anakin.

Then it happened.

Ani shot me in the back. Not intentionally. Laser blasts on stun still hurt like Hoth. I froze and turned my head to glare at him.

“Whooops!” Ani cried, looking scared.

“I’m going to kill you myself,” I muttered, eyes rolling, blacking out.
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  At 1:18 PM Blogger Skywalker said:
Uh... whoops?
  At 1:19 PM Blogger Little Ani said:
My bad.

To quote my General Friend: "how uncivilzed!"

Me on the otherhand don't mind shooting Jedi in the back.
Yes, I have heard about that.

Ani, I can't believe what you just did.
Ani, if Kriss doesn't get to you first, I will and put you across my knee.
It must have been Decepticon treachery!
  At 8:45 PM Blogger Justice said:
can we say Medic or healer
  At 8:56 PM Anonymous Anonymous said:
This is why kids should play with blasters
  At 9:06 PM Blogger TX said:
good boy
I tell ya, there are few things in this multiverse as a kid accidentally shootin' ya in the back.
Idiot.. how about I take an eye out with that blaster on stun? *folds arms and scowls*
  At 10:50 PM Blogger Phobia said:
God now I know why I was tops in my blaster class.. Mr I can't hit the broadside of a barn * shakes head*
Measure twice, fire once.
Shoot him back, He's not important.
Kids and blasters don't mix...