Monday, June 05, 2006

Special Guest Poster: Tak: A Army of (Cl)one.

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"Trooper TK 266, Get over here." the duty officer barks.

I head over to his desk

"Seems you got friends in high place trooper."

I look a little confused.

"Anakin Skywalker requested that you come by the temple and help out with an issues he is having. His exact words were "Yo Dawg, can you send over Trooper Earl. I need him fizzle quick to help me out. I likes his style." Do you know how long it took us to figure out who the hell Earl was? If I get reports of you giving out a name instead of you ID number again, I'll have you written up faster than you can say Sith Spit. Am I Clear??!!"

"Yes, Sir. I'll go see Skywalker now."

"You are not reporting to Skywalker. You need to report to DJ Kriss or Darkly Kriss. Just ask for the photographer, TK 266."

As I head out to the Jedi Temple, I stew over the thought of how much Skywalker annoys me.

An hour later finds me in the Temple reception are waiting for Jedi Kriss. The musak is playing "The Girl From Iktotchon." daa d da daa, daa d da daa. Dang that song can get stuck in you head pretty fast.

A Jedi approaches. She has a camera around her neck.

"Hi. Are you the trooper I supposed to take pictures of today? I not sure why Ani insisted I do a publicity photo shoot for the G.A.R. I was hoping to get some action shot of him guarding Senator Amidala today. Oh well, come with me and I'll see what I can do to make you and that armor look good." she says in one breath.

I follow her, my annoyance with Skywalker growing by the minute.

We find a quite part of the temple and Jedi Kriss tells me to just pose for a bit so she can get some shots.

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"A little menacing don't you think. I think we are supposed to be making the general public fell less afraid of you freaks. Let try something else," she says.

Did she just call me a freak?

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Nope didn't like that pose either.

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"Your gun looks a little small, Why don't we take a break?" she tells me.

I head off the bathroom. While in there I hear the sound of the door and a click.

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I come out of the bathroom and glare at Kriss. "Give me that photo now."

"Not so fast there Trooper. I am losing a whole day of getting Anakin shots. So I need something to help pass the time. I'll give you this photo, but I need some from you for my personal collection."

"I don't think so."

"OK , I guess this can become the next recruiting poster the hit the HoloNet. I can see the caption now. "TK 266, GAR Trooper: Getting to PooDoo the Universe"

"You wouldn't!"

"Oh yes, I would."

I think about it for a minute. "Okay."

How bad could it be?

Again, I am reminded why I should never trust a Jedi.

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Note: DarkJediKriss didn't make these pictures.
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At least it was tastful, Earl! I mean, Tak. I was kidding with you, you know. I don't think your a freak. ;-)
Oh, that was Skywalker's doing? I seeeeeeee.
Wait I thought you said it was for you personal collection!!! What is tha picture doing on the Holo-net!!! I guess it is ok, it not like anyone I know or work with ever comes by here. :P
Teeheehee, that's what you get for teling people I called you a freak! LOLOLOL!
Post it and they will come!
All of them!
*whistles at TAK* damm, I like the last one, you should sport that look more often ;)

And a private bathroom? The Jedi have it pretty nice over there.
  At 9:50 AM Blogger Jaina Solo said:
Lookin' good!
Oh Tak, you're so brave and stwong!

  At 3:52 PM Blogger Vampirella said:
hmmm whicpers to herself (I have a Boyfriend I have...)

What Oneida? No I am not drooling on your clones
woot! Looks like Skywalker's got some competition here. Ladies Back off, one at a time ;)