Thursday, June 08, 2006

You Asked For It!

Anakin has forced my hand. He asked for it after what he did to me yesterday! You can read about it [here].

Covered in poodoo and mud, and everyone seeing it was not funny.

But this is.

You want to see Anakin in his Spiderman underwear?

Well, here you go!

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Dang, I'm still mad at him but I can still drool. Sigh.

Go tell him what you think about his boxers! LMAO!
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OK, first of all, how gay is that?

And secondly, where can I buy those? Undees with eyes is pretty cool, but do the women like them?
Your friendly neighborhood Coruscant Wal-Mart, Wedge.
I like um. :-P
  At 6:13 AM Blogger Jaina Solo said:


That's your grandfather, dont be looking at that! LMAO!
  At 4:08 PM Blogger Neurotica said:
Hmm... Interesting. Kriss, Brian has ducky boxers... Hehehe... :-P
I'm drooling...NO Jinx Miakoda does NOT drool over any guy!!!! But...*drools* I need to touch...and ...and....*tries to snap out of it* I need to train! I need to train and meditate and shrug of this uninvited feeling...
  At 6:04 PM Blogger Skywalker said:
ha! Nice try kriss, but all the Ladies are drooling, well I can't blame them, Look at that body, that face, who can resist a sight like that?
Of course, this was meant as pay-back, I have no other choice but to continue this little game. Maybe I should snap a pic of you in your underwear as you wear those Skywalker, my chosen one undies they used to sell?
  At 6:04 PM Blogger Skywalker said:
feel free to touch any time Jinx! *sexy smirk* maybe we should train together ;)
ANAKIN! I do not have any of those... Oh, wait, yes I do.

Control yourself, Jinx, don't egg him on.(drool) Dang it, I drooled.

Neurotica, Now I know what to get Anakin for Xmas this year!!!
I am sorry Kriss...I am ashamed of myself to let these foolish emotions run in the way.

Anakin, get over it, you're hot...but I know your personality...I will NEVER train with you, I -

*looks over shoulder, mumbles a little to someone else*Oh, Obi says we need to work on our me in the training room over 2 minutes!

*pauses* Darn!I know I said I'd never train with you, but this doesn't count does it?
*fumbles with tunic, mumbles to herself*"Hope he'll keep his clothes on, I don't know how long I can resist..-" *looks up in shock*Oh you're still here? I eh, I - *flees*