Tuesday, October 09, 2007

About Time!

I jumped wake. Jaba was moving around and his tail slapped my head. He looked down at me with a very unhappy expression.

“Get up, girly! Get behind me, we got company. I don’t want you seen!” he spat, drool hitting me.

Hr yanked the chain and I literally slid over his nasty, slimly body, and on the dais behind him with a thump. Frack! That hurt my neck! I kicked his tail as hard as I could and he groaned.

“Stop kicking me! Be still all dag nabbed ready! Put a blaster on her please!”

I did, not that I wanted too. I was at a slight disadvantaged without the Force and with a goon with a blaster in my face.

Then I heard it. The sweetest, most annoying sound ever! Fixed, mechanical breathing! Vader!

“Holy daisy-dukes! Who the in tar are you, big boy?” Jaba spurted.

“Your worse nightmare,” I muttered, with a smile.

“The girl, where is she?” Vader snapped, ignoring the question.

“What girl, I anit got no girl! And who do you think you are? Walking up in here like you own the place!” Jaba smarted off.

There was a muffled choking sound, then two loud thumps. More or less Vader had just Force choked two of his minions and then dropped them like rocks.

Jaba jiggled a bit. “Oh! You mean THAT girl! The Jedee! She is right here.” He kicked me with his tail.

I jumped up. "It's about time!" I snapped.
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  At 12:07 PM Blogger Skywalker said:
Yeah, that took long enough!
  At 3:53 PM Blogger Phobia said:
Well I wil try to be civil to Vader from now on.

If only because of this
It's about time. what took you so long?
Vader, you better do this right or I'll haunt you for the rest of your life. I want to see Kriss in one piece.

I wish I had a guy like Vader...

I don't know! Did I just say what I thought I said!?
Aaaah... I guess the big guy isn't as bad as the imposing black suit makes him seem!
For a giant slug, Jaba has some very good taste.
  At 3:21 PM Blogger Jawa Juice said:
Hutt drool is a much sought out commodity in parts of Tatooine.
You can trade three cups of Hutt drool for a slab of Dewback spleen.

hmmmm... I'm not sure why you would want to do that, though...
come and show us how dark you are.

Come and play -

Who wants to be a Super-villain.
Come on Sexy, Join Komy's game.
  At 8:04 AM Blogger Tash199 said:
hey you guys look on the brightside
at least he SHOWED up 20 years after he shoulda
hey if Kriss doesn't get back in one piece we can ALL haunt him til he goes crazy and has to jump off a bridge ;)